ELITE TUO interacvtive hometrainer

The Elite TUO is a home interactive bike trainer. Interactive means that the trainer can be connected to a virtual reality app, which, as you ride, controls the resistance of the trainer based on the virtual terrain. When climbing a hill in the app, the resistance increases, and when descending, it decreases. The virtual program, using your inputted height, weight, age, and information from the trainer, calculates your virtual speed. This way, you can compete with friends or motivate each other in the same virtual environment, making your workouts interesting, dynamic, and effective.

The trainer belongs to the "wheel-on" category, where the bike is mounted with the rear wheel, and resistance is applied by turning the flywheel. The trainer itself, acting as a bike stand, eliminates the need for a bike rack, allowing you to relax and focus on your workout.

Stylish and powerful.

Designed in collaboration with "Adriano Design," the trainer is not only aesthetically pleasing but also powerful. With a 1300-watt power and 10% simulated incline, it can handle all your efforts while fitting into even the smallest home spaces.

Beautiful in use, elegant when folded.

The Elite TUO aims to blend modern "Made in Italy" design with the practical needs of a workout device. It strives to be an object that seamlessly integrates into home design as a quality piece of furniture, even when not in use.

The bike trainer features a sturdy and compact construction made of high-quality materials: aluminum body, steel frame, and beechwood legs – one of the most beautiful and durable materials used in interior design. Beechwood not only looks good but also effectively absorbs vibrations, translating into less noise and more stability.

Elite TUO

Compact and quick setup.

The lightweight and easily transportable TUO has a foldable frame and legs, allowing you to set it up or store it away in moments. When folded, the trainer takes up very little space, making it easy to hide in any setting, even a small apartment or a compact office. The trainer offers great stability while riding, thanks to non-slip rubber legs that prevent movement due to vibrations. The "Fast Fixing" handle allows you to mount and dismount the bike with a single quick motion.

Quiet and compatible.

The TUO is not only compact and fantastic but also quiet. The flywheel, turned by the rear tire, is made of Elastogel material, containing polyurethane molecules for excellent grip and a 50% reduction in noise levels. It also reduces tire wear by 20%.

Another strength of the trainer is its frame, capable of accommodating larger chainstays. With micro-adjusters, you can mount bikes with 26-29" wheel sizes. Among ELITE trainers, the TUO is the most adaptable, and it comes with all the necessary axle adapters: 135x5mm QR, 142x12mm THRU, 135x10-12mm, 148x12mm Boost. The maximum width of the chainstay that the trainer can accommodate is 188mm.


The TUO is compatible with various devices, allowing you to connect it to various apps, computers, tablets, iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows. Data transmission is wireless via ANT+ or Bluetooth.

When connected to apps, you can control the trainer's resistance in watts or levels, allowing you to follow your workout plan and track progress. The trainer sends power (W), cadence (Cad), and speed parameters to apps, allowing you to create workout templates based on training plans and repeat them on desired days.

Compatible with: ZWIFT, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, Bikevo, Kinomap, and others.

Elite TUO

Integrated Pedal Analysis.

All ELITE trainers send power, speed, and cadence data. Based on this data, precise workout programs are usually set up, replicating outdoor conditions. Cadence is measured by a sensor-free system, eliminating the need for sensors on the bike. The trainer calculates your cadence based on speed fluctuations.

Compatible with ELITE RIZER climb and steering simulator.

The ELITE TUO is compatible with the new ELITE RIZER climb simulator. Connected to a virtual app, the RIZER mimics inclines up to 20% and descents down to -10%. For an even more realistic experience, the RIZER has a steering function, allowing you to feel even freer when the handlebars are not fixed.

Eliet TUO